I’m a norwegian illustrator and writer based in Norway. I specialize in the children’s book market. I enjoy illustrating picture books, educational publishings, book covers, magazines, greeting cards and just about anything you need!

After earning my degree in Visual Communication from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2008?) I started my own design and illustration business, Fauna Design. Since then I have published two picture books at Gyldendal Norsk Forlag AS,  a major Norwegian publishing house.

I usually work digital, creating whimsical and memorable retro style characters. I specialize in animal characters, but I also work with other themes. Please take a look at my website for examples of other work.


What does Muscat like? 2009, Gyldendal Norsk Forlag

What is Pepsi doing? 2010, Gyldendal Norsk Forlag

Henriette Nilsen
Website: www.faunadesign.no
E-mail: post@henriettenilsen.no

What does Muscat like?
Published by Gyldendal forlag 2009
 Get to know Muscat, a sweet and angry and nice and exasperating and a cuddly little kitten. Muscat likes to wash, but not to bathe. She likes to pee in Daddy’s slippers, but Daddy doesn’t like that. But what do Muscat and I enjoy the most?

What Does Muscat Like? is a cool and playful picture book for the youngest children that they will want to read again and again.

What Does Pepsi Do?
Published by Gyldendal forlag 2010
Get to know Pepsi, a kind, mischievous, smart and perfectly sweet puppy.

Pepsi pees indoors, chews Mum’s shoes and runs away from Dad. But he can also fetch slippers, find Kid Sister’s teddy bear and walk properly in the park. Above all he loves hugs!

What Does Pepsi Do? is made in the same playful mould as What does Muscat like?, with the same retro universe.